Mounting:Deck mounted (Short Neck)

Body Material:Hpb59-1 Solid Brass
Motor:  Brushless motor
Total Power:800W
RPM: 60,000
Air Speed:95m/s
Dimensions (mm) : 260Wx141Hx175D(Tap)  210Wx290Hx190D(Control box)
Air temperature (10 cm distance/25℃):   25-35℃
Noise Level In Db(at 2m):75
Water Splash Proof:IP24
Filter :HEPA Filter
Drying time :10-15s
Diameter of ‘inlet’ pipe: G1/2”
Water pressure range: 0.5(Min) –10 Bar
Water temperature: 5-65℃

Combines an automatic tap and hand dryer so you can wash and dry your hands at the basin,made from high grade, solid Brass.

The 2 sheets of air are used to wipe the water from your hands into the sink. No dripping on the floor. No extra floor space needed for hand drying and washing.

Eco-efficient high speed hand drying in it’s most simple and elegant format.

Great for washroom areas with little wall space, the Air Tap hand dryer is simple but elegant and attaches straight to the basin.

Allowing over basin drying helps to minimise washroom clean up, and prevent slips as it eliminates water spillage on floors.

The Air Tap is a space saving alternative to traditional hand dryer designs, using space over the basin that is otherwise overlooked. This saves valuable wall space, allowing you the opportunity to use this area for other items.

Making use of no touch technology offers a more hygienic hand drying solution.

Fitted with an anti bacterial HEPA filter to ensure the air used to dry users hands is as clean and hygienic as possible.

Low noise with smart air outlet design - The airflow direction and speed has been carefully configured to ensure that there is no excess splashing or spray created and therefore works with a huge range of sinks.

A brushless, carbon free motor offer it a super long service life reach to 7-10 years.